Urban Nine Patch QAL ~ Week #2

Wanted to check in with everyone participating with the 
Urban Nine Patch Quilt Along.

I finished my blocks for the week this morning!

This is my print block I did up.  I really like the brown and cream print in this block.

And this is my solid color block.   I love orange and aqua together!!

And I'm doing up a couple of these a week....because I will need 20 blocks for this quilt.

Hope your having fun putting your blocks together and remember to share them on the Urban Nine Patch Flikr Group!

If you don't have a Flikr account, but still want to show off your blocks, you can e-mail them to me and I can add them to the group for you, just make sure to leave me a little description about them. 

And yesterday I was finally ready to go around to some local quilt shops and present my ruler and patterns.  It's always kind of scary putting yourself out there, but my good friend Pam came with me and gave me that little extra support I needed!  Thanks Pam!!!

...so I loaded up the trunk with some rulers...patterns...brochures...quilts...

....now let me go back a few days...Darci had e-mailed me asking if I would be at Sew Expo (a big sewing gig here in the NW) with my ruler and patterns.  Well...unfortunately I e-mailed her back saying I wouldn't be....booths for that show were all booked last November.  Maybe next year, right?


Quiltworks Northwest loved my ruler and patterns and even though they all ready had their booth ready as far as patterns and samples go, they are squeezing a couple of my quilts in for samples and want a bunch of each of my patterns along with my rulers!!  

Pam and I must have had that dumb founded look on our faces!  It really took us by surprise!  A good surprise!!

That was fun!


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