Like Mom...Like Daughters!

I have one ultimate goal in life when it comes to my daughters....and that is to turn them into quilters ;o)

The other day we cleaned up an area downstairs and Brittany and Brooke wanted to use that area for their sewing.  They did up a couple of quilts over the weekend and I think they were having fun...he..he.. of course a little nudging from MOM!

This is one of the quilts they did up.  We went to our local Joanne store and they bought a little charm pack...cut them in half....sewed them to a white piece of the same size.  Originally we were going to have them floating with some white sashing and borders in between...but after they lay ed them out like this, it turned out to be a really cool design.

The girls did a straight wavy line for the quilting.

This is Brittany...first time on the Long Arm!  It was really scary for her at first, but she felt more comfortable as she went. 

Brooke is quilting a swirly loop....she had to stand on a stool so she could see better and reach the handles better.  

They both had fun...they've been asking me for quite a long time if they can use my longarm, so finally we had some time yesterday for them to use it!  They were wondering how I could ever get tired of longarming, because it's SO MUCH FUN!!  

After we were done quilting, they thought that was it!  Oh no... I reminded them about the binding and they didn't think that was necessary and to just cut the quilts off and leave the binding off.  Of course I would not let that fly....I reminded them that that's all part of quilting!  So we managed to get the one binding done so far.

They are going to hang it up on their wall today!

...oh and I thought this was funny... Brittany told me when she went to bed the other night all she could do was think about her quilts and was excited to work on them the next day.  I told her she caught the "quilt bug" and that's what I do ALL THE TIME!

I'm linking up today to Canoe Ridge Creations Sew Modern Monday for the Girls!  Good Job girls, I'm so proud of you!

~Jenny, Brittany and Brooke~

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