Girls new room and play test day!

Over the weekend the girls and I painted their room, painted some frames, painted some trim, hung up new curtains and made it feel girly!  The girls and I did up their quilt about a year ago!  It was fun and they love their room now!  

Today Sharon, Pam, Kay and I got together at the Needle and I to test a few of my patterns.  I tried to let them do their thing.  It was hard not to step in and I kept reminding them to read the pattern ;o)

Kay is getting ready to cut her fabric and then piecing her curves together!  She was a pro after only the 1st one!

Pam and Sharon!  Sharon was piecing like a pro too!!

 The fabrics Sharon picked are yummy Hawaiian prints!

Like I said Sharon was piecing her curves really fast!  Look at that 

And then there's Pam!  She had no problem cutting hers out....but when it came to layout design,  well lets just say Pam is a free spirit!!  She likes her rules, which is no rules!  Pattern?  What pattern?  And that's why I like her!  Perfect person to test my patterns!

It was great and thanks so much ladies for the great day and for helping me out!  

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