As you can see I made me a new blog header.  I've wanted a new one for sometime now and have been inspired by some pretty great ones out there.  

So this is what I came up with!

The design reflects my very first quilt I designed using "curves" and then was inspired to make a ruler....the "Quick Curve Ruler".  The colors also reflect that first quilt.  

So there you have new blog header.  My husband wasn't to in to it when he first saw it.  But then he changed his mind.  Not sure if it was that he was trying to please me or he didn't really care?

I also stretched my posting space wider so I could show bigger pictures...thanks to Nicke,  her Kiss Kiss Quilt blog and her little insight on how to make the space bigger.  She's also got a darling header...which was also very inspiring.

One of many things I can check off my list!! 


October 30, 2011 by Jenny

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