Burned out!

I think I'm finally burned out with my quilts.  Knowing I've got to get back to customer quilts on Tuesday really pushed me hard to get some much needed tops done.  I've been able to quilt, bind and add hanging sleeves to all of them.  My right hand is sore from all the hand binding!  This quilt is the last one I really needed get done.

...but I'm really struggling to get it done.  It's been on my machine for a couple of days and I've dinked around on computer stuff and anything else to avoid it.

This quilt is the second quilt I did up for my designs....oh let's say MONTHS ago!!  The little bird was designed by my 14 yr. old.  I do love applique and hope to use it in more of my quilts,  but this is the only one so far?  

 Better get to it!!

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