Finished the binding on this quilt this morning!



  I used double warm and white batting.  In all the gray area's and prints I used a variegated gray and white thread and in the tan area's I used a bone colored thread.  

It's really heavily quilted!!  

....and my dearest Toby who is 5 cranked the wheel to my Longarm quilting machine really...really... tight....well.... I didn't know about it until I went to advance to the next row!  I couldn't believe how tight my quilt was.  So what happened, is it created a bit of a ripple and some yucky pleats on the back....yes pleats and NO I'm not picking out!  I'm completely fine with's my own quilt. ;o)

I'm so glad I finished this quilt up!  It was long over due!  This will be on the cover of a pattern along with this quilt
Hope everyone has a great day!  It's sunny here in the Northwest today!


October 27, 2011 by Jenny

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