Birthday Cake Guilt! Tuesday was Toby's 5th Birthday, we planned on going out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa at the China Buffet.  Toby was so excited and knew he had to wait all day to go, then we could come back afterwards and open presents. I always...always...make a Birthday Cake and for some crazy reason, justified in my head that Toby would be fine...we were eating out at an all you can eat cream....cake....I knew we would all be stuffed and the last thing we would want to eat when we got back was CAKE., yes I did feel a bit guilty all day long and didn't do anything about it, I assumed everything would be fine and the guilt would go away. we went out to eat and totally stuffed ourselves.  Came back, sang Happy Birthday (without a cake) ;o(   Then opened presents. everything was going well.  Toby opened all his presents and was playing with them.  The GUILT was getting better at this point.

until....... Toby came from the kitchen to the family room and said "MOM WHERE IS MY CAKE" !!
Oh my gosh the guilt was on me like a ton of bricks!  Okay....I'm not perfect and told Toby I would make him a cake tomorrow.  (thinking he would forget)...I know it's getting worse,  I can't believe I'm sharing this with anyone reading, but it is what it is, and I'm sure we've all had those guilt mom moments...right? came the next morning and I figured my 5 yr. old would forget the whole cake incident and my guilt would slowly go away and life would get back to normal. got in to my cake cupboard and pulled out a chocolate cake, a white cake, a strawberry cake, and a lemon cake, then carried them with him through out the day reminding me to make his cake.

Well his birthday was Tuesday and Today is Friday and I carried that guilt with me for 4 DAYS!!  Bad mom!!
Needless to say Toby was totally excited when he saw I was actually making cupcakes for him today!!

Guilt feeling a little bit better ;o)
Love you Toby and!!

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