First off thanks so much for the nice comments on my last post.   Again....I love what I do and am so privileged to meet some of the nicest and kindest and most talented quilting ladies! 

I take Sunday's off from most everything and sometimes use that time to play with my fabric!  So with the help of a couple of daughters helping me cut and iron and sew and arrange....we came up with this:

...again I had something else in mind for this "Sugar Pop" layer cake and once I got all the blocks done and after laying them out, it just wasn't right.  So with the help of my 12 year old we came up with this.  I like it much better.  It was fast to cut out and square up and went together quite easy...again with some great help! 

....oh and yes another pattern to write up??

This week I'm overloaded with the last of some quilts I was suppose to get done by the end of September.  I was hoping to take this whole month off to do my patterns but I'm afraid it's going to be cut a week short.  That's okay...I'll just have to work double time!

This quilt is Yolanda's.  It's a fantastic quilt!!  I met her through Flikr....she requested modern quilting which I hardly ever get that request.  It's pretty traditional here in Washington  (north of Seattle anyway).  It's coming along....hoping to finish it today!

I'm using a ice blue thread and a charcoal thread in the black.
Warm and white for the batting.

Must get to it!!

October 03, 2011 by Jenny

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