Inspiration Friday - Hexagon's

Something great happened to me yesterday!  Let me go back a few weeks ago.  I had an 88 yr. old woman call me for my longarm quilting services.  She must have talked to me for over 1/2 an hour, all about her quilts and that she can't see that well anymore to hand quilt them and convincing herself it's okay to get them machine quilted.  She doesn't drive and said she would call me again when she had a ride and could bring the quilts.  

Well I honestly didn't think I would hear from her again.  Wrong...a week later she called again.  This time she was asking about backing material and still waiting for a ride to bring the quilts..........a week later, she called again.  At this point I'm thinking, she's pretty serious on getting these quilts quilted up.  She told me she has been having a hard time getting a ride.  

Okay....I couldn't take it anymore  (I meant that in - I felt so sorry for her) so I told her I would come over to her place and pick them up.  She was just delighted that I would do that.  

I'm so sorry if this is a lengthy post, but the next part of the story is what was so moving to me and touched my heart!  I showed up at her Senior Apartment place yesterday afternoon and met her at the door.  She is absolutely beautiful and so kind.  She brought me to her apartment.  When she opened the door I was greeted with the smells of soap....bread....and candy.  Her sweet husband was sitting on the couch and there were candy dishes all over the kitchen bar.  It reminded me so much of Grandma's place.  My Grandma died 6 1/2 years ago at 90 yrs. old.  Everything was so orderly and clean.  She brought me into her bedroom where she had the quilts and talked to me about them for about 30 minutes.  I could tell she just loved to quilt and she was delighted to talk quilt-talk with another quilter.  
She hand pieced the quilts and they are so beautiful and are in very good condition.  The hand piecing is absolutely wonderful!  

She made two of these.  They are going to two grand daughters.  She wanted some pretty feather quilting on them.   She said that if she could still quilt that that's what she would have done on them.  I took her information and left.  

As I was driving home I thought about my Grandma and everything about her house..her cooking...her candy.  I hadn't really thought about her in that way for a long time.  It was so great to think back about the memories of my Grandma.

I am I went over and picked her quilts up.  It's moments like that, that I just love.  The memory of grandma and the idea that I can finish these up for her.  I can't wait to do them up and see her reaction when she gets them back.  These quilts have been around a long time and for once I know who the quilter is and am again so delighted I met her and I can be a part of her quilts. my inspiration today is hexagon quilts!

 1. Spring quilt, 2. Hexagon Quilt finished, 3. hr mini, 4. hexie front, 5. QuiltedHexQuilt, 6. 9eHexPillowFinished, 7. Quilt at Train Depot, 8. Soup Cracker Hexagon Mini Quilt, 9. Solid Hexagon Pillow

 I find it so great how traditional quilting will always be apart of Modern quilting.  These great quilts are so modern but all have your traditional hexagon, like the one above that was done up many...many years ago!


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