...so I've come to my last hurdle with my quilt patterns and I'm hoping by going to Quilt Market will give me that umph...I need to get my patterns done.

My friend Pam and I are driving down on Thursday, meeting up with my sister Helen and spending Friday and Saturday at Quilt Market...Then on Saturday we are going to "Quilt Market Meetup".

We are all thrilled to go!  I'm hoping I get inspired on which direction I need to go with my quilt patterns and ruler and that it helps me jump over that last hurdle and help me feel more confident.
I'm also...of course going to stock up on thread and maybe buy some new patterns for my Longarm Quilting Business!

...and thanks for the comments on my family room!!  I love it.  After I put it all together, that night after going to bed I got up a couple of times to go in my family room...turn on the lights...and just look at it!!  I'm such a dork sometimes!!


 And of course the most important part of going to Utah is seeing my mom!!  I'm sorry mom...I love you!!
April 27, 2011 by Jenny



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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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