Once I got the furniture painted and back in the room I was able to put it all together!

I still have a few fun things to do...like make some pillows and make fun quilt to go in the empty frame on the wall...I also want to get some styrofoam balls to wrap with fabric...to put in my dough bowls.  Those balls aren't cheap!!  

Twigs at the store were a kinda pricey!  Twigs in my yard were free!

I found this yesterday at an antique shop!  Quilted pattern milk glass bowl!  It was in a set of 5 and for some reason this was only $10 and all the others were double and triple that.  So I bought it without any questions!

...so pretty added to my collection!

Now my family room is completely in order the rest of my house has been neglected!!  
Just wanted to share pictures...I'm really happy with how it has turned out!


Oh I almost forgot...BEFORE PICTURES!

April 26, 2011 by Jenny

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