Inspiration Friday

1. August Fresh Comfort 2---#9, 2. Sew Modern Class Sample, 3. Fancy a Quilt-A-Long?, 4. Orange Slice - Front, 5. Urban Home Goods Swap Pillow Cover and Coasters, 6. 001, 7. Quilt for baby Dylan, 8. Finished Log Cabin Quilt, 9. Blanc lumière

 I've also been inspired by "A Stitch in Dye"to do an all solid quilt using all different shades of color.  I really like how she puts her fun colorful quilts together.  This is what I have so far, all cut out and ready to be sewn together: more thing....I know it's Thursday and I'm posting for Friday,  but I had to let everyone know that we got Stitch back this evening!!!  It's a really long story...but we have been with out our Jack Russell for 2 month's now and are completely ecstatic that we have him back!!  We missed him!!


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