Applique'd Curve blocks once upon a time I appliqued all these curve pieces!  Who would have ever thought that at the time I was doing these that I would have pieced curves with my sewing machine and come up with a curve ruler to design my own quilt pattern's.

I started these about a year and half ago.  This pattern is called Spinning Wheels, from Fat Quarter Friendly.  I was so intimidated by curves I actually appliqued 36 of these blocks...that's 4 curve triangles per block..add that up!!  Yea, crazy!   I did up most of these while at my kid's basketball practices.  And the time put into just preparing the pieces to applique on, is time consuming in it's self.  Someday I'll share how I prepare my applique,  my friend Pam taught me.  And yes,  I should finish this quilt up along with this..and this.. but I'm having to much fun with my own creativity right now!  I haven't even pulled out a quilt book for the last 6 months.  

..someday I'll get to finishing these up.  But for now, I can look back and see how far I have come in my own quilting journey.  And I appreciate everything about my past quilting experiences and where it has taken my today!  And I'm thrilled about what my quilting future holds!!

P.S.  I've added some of my favorite music to my blog.  If you don't care to listen...just go to the very bottom of my blog and pause the music.  Or enjoy!!


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