Every once in a while...

...so every once in a while I find a print at the local Joann Fabric store!

..how great is that!  And it is their better quality fabric.  As you can see from the print on my blog that I really like this print, and I can add it to my black and white collection!
..and another thing I can't leave Joann's with out buying are these..

I will admit this is an addiction...I love butter mints!  You could say I'm a connoisseur when it comes to butter mints.  Kraft use to make some back 20 years ago.  But they stopped.  Those were to die for.  But these are the next best I've found.  I've tried making them and that turned out to be HORRIBLE!  You actually have to pull them like taffy and the butter would separate...very bad experience. 
..so I'll stick with buying them.  I even know how to feel the bag for freshness.  Because if they aren't fresh they're no good!  So now you know one of my many addictions..I'll leave it at that!  Have a great night!

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