A couple of antique quilts

My friend Marley is a professional antique finder!   A while back she gave me this old all wool hand embroidered quilt top!

Marley doesn't quilt and didn't know what to do with this and when she gave it to me I could tell that she really liked it, but again she didn't know what to do with it.  And it is gorgeous.  It smelled pretty bad and all the outer blocks were stained.  I washed it and ended up taking off all those stained blocks and then I bought some dark gray wool to fill in those triangles.

I used wool batting and an organic cotton for the backing fabric.  The pattern I used is a Baptist Fan pattern.  Very traditional pattern I thought would look good for this quilt. 

You can see that someone put a lot of work in to this quilt!  Okay back to Marley.  I have had the opportunity to work with Marley at Church together and think she is amazing!  The Young Women in our Church did a huge fundraiser garage sale and we couldn't have done it with out Marley's professional help!  So that is when I pulled this quilt out and fixed it up and gave it back to Marley.  It felt so good to see her reaction when she took it out of the gift bag!!!!  She was pretty surprised!  And she now has it at the end of her bed. 

That's not the end of it....she stopped by my house one day and brought this to me!

How lovely is this!  All hand quilted old feed sack material!  This quilt had a pretty beat up small blue border I ended up removing.  And I will put the binding right on the edge.  I think it's fine with out a border.  My sister Sherilyn will be so Jealous when she sees this.  She loves, loves, loves feed sack material!  And I love antiques so this was a true treasure!  Thanks so much Marley!!!

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