My very first quilt

Today I am posting a picture of my very first quilt.  About 8 years ago I was visiting my sister in Heber, Utah and made my very first quilt.  I will never forget that day!  My sister Helen and I went through her fabric stash, picked out colors and decided how to put the runner together.  Then after I put it together I stitched in the ditch with invisible thread.  And then Helen taught me how to put the binding on.  Well as you can see in the picture it was very well used!  We had it on our coffee table for quite some time.  And I didn't notice how stained it was till I took this picture.  Looks like my kids or my husband spilled something on it!  Anyway it is hanging up in my little quilt studio...actually an unfinished basement on the otherside of my house with 6 ft. ceilings.  But it fit's my 14 foot quilting table!  ....I'm getting off subject,  I just wanted to thank my sister for all the knowledge she shared with me through my quilting journey.  I'm lucky to have someone to call on when I have a quilting question or have to figure out how to put binding on a double wedding ring quilt!!!  I'm trying to get her to post more on her blog and last night she posted something cute!  Check it out.....

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