We are very excited to feature Libie Peterson from http://libiepdesigns.blogspot.com/
Metro Scope has never looked more beautiful!

She made this beauty for a silent auction for her son's high school band. Surely it was a huge success! :)

Libie also made this Metro Rings quilt and it is AMAZING! Love everything about it!

She was commissioned to make this California King quilt and finished it in just under 3 weeks! Wow! We're sure the recipients LOVE it!

Thank you Libie for letting us feature your gorgeous quilts and your amazing talent! :)

We hope everyone has an excellent Saturday and will hopefully get to squeeze some fun quilting in!

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

December 06, 2014 by Jenny



Anestis said:

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Lalit said:

န လည တ လ တ က တ မန ႔သ ပ ၿပ i am also smiling after i read.i know about game,so i never try.i play games evdearyy, but time is limited. :)momiji

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