Tuesday Tips - Storing Quilts

We'd like to suggest a couple of ways to store quilts to avoid those aggravating and seemingly permanent creases from occurring. 
First, roll your quilts.
Using a pool noodle, (the kind kids play with in the pool) Roll up to 5 quilts on one noodle. This will eliminate fold creases. You may want to cover the noodle first, with muslin or a cheap white cotton sheet then wrap your rolled up quilts in muslin or cotton sheet.

Step one, fold bottom left corner over
Step 2, fold bottom right corner over to line up with first fold.
Step 3, fold top right corner over to line up with second fold.
Step 4, fold top left corner over to make square.
Then fold in half
And...there you go! :)

Suggestions welcome! Please comment, and share your favorite ways to store quilts! We'd love to learn more! :)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

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