Helen is right on schedule with her blocks. Aren't they gorgeous!?!

We're loving all the Twisted Blossom blocks we are seeing on IG! Keep them coming!

Sherilyn's are coming along nicely as well. It's fun to see the diversity this pattern offers. So many options! :)

Jenny is busy with girl's camp this week. We will post her new blocks next week. 

Our tip for today is great! 
Draw a line from corner to corner on your 4" squares, then draw another line a 1/2" from the first line. 
Stitch on both lines...

Cut in half between the stitched lines! Yay! We've just eliminated an extra step! Awesome! :)

Happy Quilting!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~
July 08, 2015 by Jenny



KimR said:

Thanks for the reminder! I always try to do this, when I remember. You know, because I wouldn’t want to waste a scrap of fabric! LOL Just downloaded/printed the pattern- I can’t wait to get started!

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