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In order to enter our giveaway, please tell us about some of your summer fun and how many blocks you plan to make for the Twisted Blossom QAL. 

 I plan on making 16 Twisted Blossom blocks, and some of my summer fun includes pool time with my grandson Calvin - I live in AZ and pool time is mandatory :-) Helen

Kimbra and Calvin

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July 10, 2015 by Jenny


Nancy M.

Nancy M. said:

Summer fun has already included a European river cruise that was totally wonderful. I may make 4 Twisted Blossom blocks and use as a wall hanging, but it’s such fun, I could make it into a quilt.

Ileana Salzer

Ileana Salzer said:

I plan on making 16 Twisted Blossom blocks, and some of my summer fun includes going to the park to see my favorite Double A Baseball Team play and try to stay in the shade during the hot summer of Texas.

C. Halasey

C. Halasey said:

I will make 12 blocks. I am using Hawaiian fabric scraps to make an Aloha Twist Blossom Block quilt!

Terry Rowland

Terry Rowland said:

I would like to make 12 blocks for a bright and summer picnic quilt. Nothing better than fun in the sun


Susan said:

We’re leaving Sunday to go camping in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Should be good times! I’m thinking I will be making 9 Twisted Blossom blocks. But, who knows, 16 might happen!!


Krystal said:

I really would like to make four blocks but make them a larger size, but I think the math might hurt my head. I think I’ll stick with the original size and make 9. We’re headed to the beach on Monday for sand castles and tide pools.

Linda W

Linda W said:

I plan to make 16 blocks or more if the fabric doesn’t run out. Our summer plans are to enjoy the grandchildren. Maybe a trip back home to visit family and friends.


Doreen said:

I’m enjoying my air conditioned sewing room during the heat wave this summer in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve made six blocks so far and I’m having so much fun that I’m sure this will end up as a large quilt! Thank you for the fun!


Fiona said:

Well right now we are looking at an artic vortex on its way to our door. So summer would be a nice for a day or two right now. I summer BBQ by the beach with family and friends. With this cold weather I’m hoping to make 20 twists blossom blocks. These are fun thanks for the great QAL girls.


Kathleen said:

Going to buy a new car and then drive it around Wisconsin and see some state parks. I am going to make at least 16 twisted blossom blocks.


Jane said:

Hoping to make 12 blocks—want to use this quilt to clear my mind as helping my 87 yo Mom work thru probate of my brother Joes’ estate.

Theresa Stewart

Theresa Stewart said:

I am going to make 1 block as a pillow for my sofa. If it isn’t too hard I will make a wall hanging of 4 or matching throw of 9. But I will start one block. My summer is a lot of self care but I am planning a road trip from home in WA to my parents in AZ and other friends and family in CA in August. It will be a blast. I will be doing a lot of cooking and helping Mom have her hip replaced. She is a quilter so I want to introduce her to your ruler and maybe she and I can make blocks together if she’s up for it. She lives to quilt. Happy quilting!

Patty Sliney

Patty Sliney said:

Well, since I’m having a banner year and summer with my oldest daughter and her husband expecting our very first grandchild, and my youngest daughter getting married, I’m going to make 20 blocks (or maybe more) to put together a quilt for my youngest daughter and her wonderful future husband as a wedding gift! Already have the baby quilt planned: making a curved 4-patch with the Quick Curve ruler. So, this block will make a great wedding quilt, I think!

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