We are excited to announce we are partnering with Pattern Jam!  Pattern Jam is the world's easiest quilt design software.  One of its many features allows the user to access pre-loaded patterns and customize the fabrics and color layout..... How COOL is that!  Then the quilt is printed as a panel and sent directly to you :-)

Pattern Jam now has several of our original pattern designs.  Check out the Pattern Jam blog about our collaboration here  and see which of our designs are featured there.  Go to Pattern Jam > Ready-to-quilt-shop > Sew Kind of Wonderful.  You can order them as they are featured on the site, as I did with Urban Candy, or you can color and select fabrics to make your own version as I did with Chic Country.  Either way, it is a fun process!  
Urban Candy

Here are some links to some of the patterns we have on Pattern Jam:

Pattern Jam is great for customized quick quilt panels that are great to custom quilt, overall quilt or even tie.  It is also a great option for the non-sewer who wants to have a part in the creative quilt process without the sewing machine and rotary cutter being involved.

Use discount code: SEWKINDOFWONDERFUL to received 20% off your order at Pattern Jam through September 19.

We are also doing a giveaway with the Chic Country panel I ordered.  To enter, please click on the Pattern Jam link here and check out all the fun you can have!  Then leave a comment on the post about your experience.  For another chance to win go to: sewkindofwonderfulhelen on Instagram and leave a comment and/or tag a friend.
Chic Country

Both comment streams will be combined and one winner will be selected the morning of September 19.  

~ Helen, Jenny & Sherilyn ~
September 12, 2016 by Jenny



Jodie said:

I thought there was a free Pattern Jam. I wanted to give it a try but can’t find it

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