Thank you for all your comments and exploring our designs on Pattern Jam!

We are very pleased to be working with Emily Taylor of Pattern Jam.  We love her infectious passion for the quilting industry and the variety of ways people can be involved in this fun industry!

Our winner is Jodi!  

She said....

Blogger Jodi said...
I am very new to quilting (haven't finished one yet) but one of the things i find daunting is doing the "Sandwich", and quilting and binding it. I don't want to mess up a quilt top I have spent months and hundreds of dollars worth of quilting cottons in. My sister recently told me about Pattern Jam and having explored a little I think it would be an amazing way to get a "practice top" to work on without all the hard yards invested in the piecing but still have something worthy of the effort to "sandwich", quilt and bind it.
I am really excited to see such amazing quilt designers who are willing to share their designs in this way.

We are excited for her to try out this easy 'sandwich'.....

~Helen, Jenny, and Sherilyn~
September 19, 2016 by Jenny

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