I have met some amazing people through blogging and Kathy@Tamarack Shack was one of the first blogs I followed.  Kathy is an amazing longarm quilter and a smart quilter also.  She took my border/sashing concept for the "Curve it up" blocks and made it so you wouldn't have a seam running through the oval or the diamond

Here is Kathy's diamond and oval sashing (without seams).

Beautifully done Kathy!

You can follow her tutorial here.





Jolana said:

I just finished my quilt top based on your paettrn. I have loved this since I first saw it and when I had a Kona Challenge quilt to make, this was perfect. I’ve made a few changes to incorporate the requilred fabric. I’ll take a pic and send it off to you once it’s done, and I figure out how to quilt it!


Suresh said:

I finished my last block on Saturday and got half the snihsag done during the game last night. I do the same thing with the corner stones, it’s not cheating, it’s a design element. I am actually not going to use cornerstones on the Swoon. Well I don’t plan on using them. I want to try to mark the long sashes at intervals that should match up to the star points. Hopefully it will work.

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