Quilting ~ "Urban Nine Patch"

I started quilting my "Urban Nine Patch" quilt today!

I'm never quite sure what quilting design I'm going to do when starting a quilt and this quilt was no exception.

....but as I started quilting, my design evolved.  I was a little burned out from the thinking process involved on my last quilt and wanted to simplify the quilting on this one.

Good thing with this quilt, unlike my last quilt, is each blocks quilting design will be the same and since my first one is done, it's no more thinking for the rest of the quilt!!



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Happy birthday to your dhguater, and congrats to you for 20 years (so far) of great parenting. Time does go so quickly. My baby turns 25 this fall and he’s been living 700 miles away (and loving what he’s doing) for almost a year now. Still hard to believe he’s all grown up. May all of your dhguater’s dream come true.

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